Graduation ceremonies are important milestones. These graduations are streamed live and are also archived for watching after the event.

  • Graduations 2023

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  • Graduations 2022

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    Watch the graduations of Houlton, Hodgdon, Easton, Washburn, Ashland, Katahdin, Fort Fairfield, and Caribou right here on

  • Graduations 2021

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  • Graduations 2020

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    2020 is a unique year for graduations. Friends, families and community members can watch all of these live streams for free. Archives of these graduation ceremonies are also available for viewing. Congratulations to all graduates!

  • Presque Isle Graduation 2020

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    All 15 graduation ceremonies for Presque Isle's 2020 Graduation!

  • Graduation

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